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We are members of the Better Business Bureau, the Hammond Chamber of Commerce and The Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Association.

Ed's Plumbing Service, Inc. began operations at Hammond, Louisiana in 1967. From our early beginnings of 3 employees, we specialized in residential plumbing and small plumbing repairs. In our 42 years of serving  customers in the entire Florida Parishes, our company has grown to 20+ plus employees specializing in; New Construction, Residential, Commercial and Repairs.

Ed's Plumbing Service & Portable Toilet Service, Inc. has added a Roll-Off Dumpster Service, Port-O-Let Service, Grease Trap Cleaning Service, Septic Tank Cleaning Service, Used Fry Grease Collection Service, Sewer Jetter Service and Video Camera Inspection.Ed's Plumbing Service & Portable Toilet Service, Inc., has proudly won the Daily Star Readers Choice award for 10 years in a row.  

During the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our company received certificates of appreciation from several branches of the military; the 2nd Squadron 107th Calvary the 1st Battalion 112th Infantry and the 56th Striker Brigade Combat for our assistance in the  hurricane relief effort.

Ed's Plumbing Service & Portable Toilet Service, Inc., is going green and becoming environmental friendly by the collection of used fryer grease and converting it into an all natural product called "bio-diesel" for use in our fleet of trucks.

This fuel source  helps to reduce greenhouse emissions from the environment by the conversion from regular diesel fuel use to eco-friendly "bio-diesel".


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